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Consider These Questions

  • What materials am I conveying?
  • Are they moderately oily, or in oily environments, such as soybeans or oil-treated coal in power plants?
  • Are they especially abrasive or sharp, such as cullet glass or metal parts?
  • Are animal or vegetable fats a factor?
  • Are fire-resistant belts mandated by the Mine and Safety Health Administration (2G) (MSHA)?
  • What temperature is the environment or material that my conveyor belt system must transport?

The Covers – Grades & Specifications

Cover NameCover Description
Grade 1Premium rubber compound. It is designed for superior resistance to cutting, gouging and abrasion. Grade 1 is recommended for use when conveying heavy logs, hard rock ores, glass cullet, trap and other sharp, abrasive materials.
General Purpose / Standard Heavy DutyRecommended for the majority of above ground applications including aggregates, log handling from wood yard to debarkers, run-of-mine and sized coal, coal mine refuse, crushed ores, phosphate, potash, salt, sand, crushed materials and other mining applications.
Fire ResistantDesigned for service in coal, potash, salt and other underground mining where fire resistance belts are mandatory. Meets fire resistant standards of the U.S. Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA Fire Resistant Belt).
Fire/Oil ResistantFor fire-resistant applications requiring oil resistance as well, like oil treated coal for use in power plants. Ideal for above ground coal preparation plants, coal fired steam plants, etc.
Moderate Oil (MOR)Designed to withstand attack in moderately oily environments such as wood chips, oil treated coal and whole grains like corn and soybeans.
Super Oil ResistantSOR compound is made especially for applications requiring extreme oil resistance. It has excellent abrasion, tear, ozone, and weather resistance and it is highly resistant to mineral oil and most other oils that cause swelling and sponginess. "SOR" is recommended for handling oil metal parts, crushed soybeans, and other materials where animal and vegetable fats are a deteriorating factor to the rubber.
Ultra-GuardSpecifically engineered for handling grain products including wheat, corn, whole soybeans, cotton seed, flax seed and sunflower seeds. When exposed to oily grains, the cover will not soften, peel or flake. Ultra-Guard is also resistant to heat and fire, moderate oil, and static conductive. Electrical resistance is less than one megohm -- substantially exceeding RMA standards.
Moderate HeatExcellent resistance to heat and abrasion - up to 300 degrees Farenheit. Resists hardening and cracking. Ozone resistant.
Heat ResistantOffers excellent resistance to effects of high temperature payloads and abrasive materials in a range up to 350 degrees F (fines) and 400 degrees F (lumps). Excellent resistance to hardening and cracking within it's recommended service temperature range. Highly ozone resistant.
Oil/Heat ResistantOil and heat resistant compound is designed to service combinations of high temperature and oil. It is resistant to abrasive materials and retains maximized flexibility up to 350 degrees F. This compound is recommended for conveying hot asphalt paving mix, carbon/pitch mixes and any other hot service involving petroleum oils. It is ideally suitable in applications for oil extractors and other plant handling oily grains and seeds where the belt must withstand the effects of vegetable oils at high temperature as well as from moisture from steam.
SOR-FRA premium elastomer with a high degree of oil resistance - also will meet MSHA 2G flame retardant requirements. Ideal for oil treated grain, crushed soybeans and other matierals where mineral, animal, or vegetable fats are a deteriorating factor and where combustion properties are a concern.

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