Severe Wear On Pulley Side of Conveyor Belt

Slippage on drive pulley.1. Increase tension if belt construction permits. Consult belt manufacturer before increasing tension.
2. Lag drive pulley (groove if wet).
3. Increase arc of contact of drive pulley with snub.

Spillage of material between belt and pulley,
or material builds up at loading point until belt
is dragging.
1. Improve loading conditions with chutes.
2. If belt loaded too full, increase belt speed or decrease feed.
3. Install decking between top and return runs.
4. Install plows or scrapers in front of tail pulley on return run.
5. If fastened belt, change to vulcanized splice to prevent leakage of fines at fasteners
Sticking idlers.Improve maintenance system (update schedule) for cleaning and lubrication
Bolt heads protruding above lagging.1. Tighten belts.
2. Replace worn lagging.
3. Use vulcanized-on-lagging.
4. Use “slide-lag”.
Excessive tilt to troughing idlers.Adjust to not more than 2° from line perpendicular to belt.